The Procurator Fiscal

Lieb Canavan is a Procurator Fiscal (Coroner) in Scotland. He is married to Rose, who is away visiting her sister Heather and her new baby.

Preparing for their first separation, Lieb gets a call to work – another body has been found in a blue barrel. He meets up with Senior Inspector Marcus Campbell and the case fills in the empty time Rose is away.

For Marcus the case turns, when he is partnered with Senior Inspector Grace Scott and his many protestations of being a career bachelor crash in around him.

With Marcus & Grace helping close the Bodies in the Barrels case, Lieb lands another; one that is far too close to home and one that will earn him the nickname ‘The Iceman’.

In follow-on episodes, the SAT-Pack (Sexual Attack & Torture Pack) continue to strike and Lieb’s role keeps him in the thick of it. Marcus & Grace’s personal arrangement sees her partnered with Senior Inspector Adam McAdam as the detectives involved on this new case.

But this Pack is dangerous and eventually Marcus & Lieb find themselves discussing their personal tragedies in a hospital waiting room, waiting to see if their loved one survives.

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